I’m already in my senior years, why would I buy life insurance?

You’re no longer concerned with leaving a death benefit to your spouse and young kids to help them through times without you—those concerns are (thankfully) in the past.

However, this type of policy offers you a way to grow your money safely and with a higher return than currently CDs, savings or money market accounts offer. And your money is available when you need it, without the restrictions that come along with annuities, IRAs or other retirement accounts.

Plus, these policies also include a long-term care benefit for up to 36 months.


I worry, will my money last as long as I do?

With a Bank On Yourself for Seniors policy, the growth is preset and guaranteed so you can know the value of your policy at every point along the way. You pay a one-time premium, with no additional premiums. This means your money goes to work for you right away, with guaranteed and predictable results.

How will I qualify at my age and with my health factors?

These Single-premium policies have more relaxed requirements that are easier to meet. Also, you have the option to insure your spouse or children instead of yourself while still maintaining ownership and control of the policy.


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