Whole life insurance? I need money now, not when I’m dead.

With a typical life insurance policy, you are buying a big death benefit. For all practical purposes, you cannot borrow against the policy. Bank On Yourself policies are special because they allow the policy owner to borrow up to 85-90% of the cash value, while keeping the death benefit intact. With a properly structured policy, you can access your money any time without taxes, fear of restrictions or penalties for drawing money early.


I’m expanding my business, how can I finance the equipment and staff I need to keep going?

You can use the Bank On Yourself method to start or grow your business without the burden of bank loans or credit card debt. You can even use it as a source of emergency cash for situations that might otherwise lead to bankruptcy.

Watch this youtube video for ideas to grow your business with access to you're own funds, all while still saving for retirement:

I finally finished paying off all my debt, but now I need to purchase a car, what do I do? How can I save for retirement if I have to go into debt once again?

Bank On Yourself whole life policies help you become your own banker, bypassing bank loans and credit cards. With typical loans, most of us cringe at the thought of adding up the money we’ve paid out in interest. With the Bank On Yourself method, you can recapture the interest you would otherwise pay to financial institutions.

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