Ethics and Core Values, SEQUOIA Strong!

Earning Your Trust: One of our first clients from 1994 asked our founder if she would make the same recommendation to her father that she was making to the client. We still value the accountability of that question today, and the answer is, we would. We desire to partner with you, earning your trust as we build a portfolio designed for a lasting financial legacy.

SEQUOIA Longevity

Since the time of Christ, Sequoia trees have withstood the test of time. Proving that the standard set by God to put the interests of others above your own is still worth following as we work with clients today. Our promises are not based on the standards of man, but on the standards set by God. We promise to be honest in evaluating many possibilities to advise you in reaching your financial goals.

SEQUOIA Strength

Remarkably, the giant Sequoia tree remains strong when a hole is cut through the trunk for vehicles to drive through. Today, our Company remains strong by brokering products from a large breadth of influential companies. Sequoia trees are also impervious to insects or disease. In fact, they can only be destroyed by a catastrophic weather calamity. We provide the risk free tool of dividend paying whole life insurance—a retirement plan that cannot be destroyed by outside factors like the stock market and interest rates.

About Deborah Gamber, RFC® “The safe, tax-free, financial advisor”

Deborah founded Sequoia Financial Corp., specializing in financial investment needs, back in 1994. She is proficient in a variety of planning strategies to meet the needs of income planning, IRA distribution planning, long-term health financial planning and legacy/estate tax planning. With her degree in mathematics, she has been explaining complicated goals and strategies for over twenty-five years, making them simple and easy to understand.

Deborah’s ability to analyze difficult problems came from studying theoretical mathematics at the University of Colorado. As a branch manager with NOAA in Boulder, she was able to help physicists solve problems utilizing complex mathematical formulas to explain atmospheric phenomena. Later in her career, being a sales representative for Boeing, she helped CEO’s analyze complicated business problems to relate the solutions to computer design engineers.